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Mothers' Union

The Mothers’ Union was established in 1876.  It is an Anglican Organisation which is found in parishes such as ours throughout the world.   Today, there are more than four million members of Mothers’ Union today in 83 countries.

The purpose of the Mothers’ Union is to encourage parents in caring for their children, not just physically and mentally but also spiritually.  From the outset it was recognised that strong relationships and the role of family, however defined, are crucial in building healthy communities.

All over the world, members of the Mothers’ Union are getting involved with projects that matter.

Our Parish Branch recently celebrated its centenary year and typically meets on the third Thursday of the month (8pm) in the Crozier Hall.  Ladies of St Mark’s Mothers’ Union distribute the CD recordings of Sunday Worship to members of our Parish who would simply love to be able to join us in this building, but are physically unable.  Emphasising their passion for encouraging Christian homes, ladies from our Branch send little Prayer Cards to children on the first anniversary of their Baptism.  Ladies from our Branch volunteer with the Armagh Child Contact Centre enabling children to meet with parents under court ordered supervision.  They also volunteer with the Talking Newspaper programme in Armagh.  The ladies knit for the CMS Knitting Project to benefit children who have very little clothing in Africa.  They also have knitted for babies born early and are under the care of the Neo Natal Unit and for children also in need in Eastern Europe.  And again in service of our Parishioners, they have provided and maintain little ‘Happy Bags’ for children to enjoy in church as they struggle with the length of the Rector’s sermon!

Everyone is welcome to come along to our meetings at any time, details of which are found in Pinnacles and Pew News.

Members of St Mark’s MU at the Branch’s Centenary Service in 2014

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