Sunday School & Creche

Sunday School and Creche (for pre school age) take place during services in the Crozier Hall.  Both are offered during term time, as outlined in the Programme to the right. (please click to enlarge).

During Holy Communion Services and Baptism Services, children go straight to Sunday School which begins at 10.30am.  They then will come into church after the sermon.  During Holy Communion, children are most welcome to come to the Communion rail, with their parents or minders, to be prayed for.  During Baptisms, children are invited to gather around the Font so that they can have a good view.

On Sundays when the Service is Morning Prayer, children go to church at the start and then walk down to Sunday School after the Children’s talk.  Creche children can do likewise, or go to Creche at 10.30am.

During Family Services, Sunday School and Creche will not meet as we are all together in Church for a more informal and child friendly Service.

These arrangements may seem a little confusing, but they do work well in practice!! All children are most welcome to be part of our Sunday School and Creche.  We would love to see as many children as possible benefit from being part of them.  Please feel contact us for more information if desired.

A special recording of 'Counting on God' from our Children's Day Service 2020.
'Counting on God' by Jared Anderson
CCLI Song Number: 5064366
CCLI Streaming Number : 1105460

Sunday School Info. Leaflet

Sunday School Consent Form

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